My unhealthy coping mechanism was drinking alcohol daily I was suffering from depression & experiencing a lot of panic attacks and on top of that, I became visually impaired.

“The lack of support and understanding caused me to drink daily the drink was my support  I was trying to escape my past. I  had difficulties expressing my feelings to loved ones since drinking I have had sight problems which affected me in so many ways I can no longer drive due to my impaired vision. The lack of friends has been a contributing factor to the mental health decline I felt so isolated and alone, I only have my mum but there are things I did not want to tell her so I hid in a bottle”

Drinking alcohol caused psychotic episodes to which we have been witness to in the past. It’s a very frighting place when you are not in control of your mind to see someone in a state of panic having hallucinations it is very scary and makes you feel helpless as the person is experiencing fear. Children & adults witnessing the person having hallucinations may just find this distressing, Nick is in her late 30’s was so distressed she used to say ” can’t you see him? he is right behind you”  there would be nobody visible around yet nick would shout out “can’t you see him cant you see him your not looking, he is right there” Nick would panic  pacing up and down helpless in a world of her own, images real to her but not to anyone else. 


Hallucinations are a thing of the past, a massive turn around since being supported, It’s been 1year of no drinking Nick has taken steps to change the outcome and turn a life around and has had a very positive outcome for her and family. Nick has attended church at the beginning to embrace that life is worth living which helped to focus on purpose.

Nick attends AA in relation to alcohol and has made friends in the past attended Turning point  Suffolk for alcohol and was prescribed medication to assist with the cravings turning point prescribed Naltrexone which belongs to a class of drugs known as opiate antagonists. It works in the brain to prevent opiate effects (e.g., feelings of well-being, pain relief). It also decreases the desire to take opiates. This medication is also used to treat alcohol abuse and if you drink on top of it you will be sick 

Nick has been an active member of the project encouraging other members with positivity she also provides daily food menu to the group we are very proud that Nick has made it through the storm and no longer drinks alcohol which is one of the conditions to be apart of the community because drinking affected not only Nick but the entire family it caused a divide and whilst Nick was drinking  the kids had to be looked after by family members whilst Nick got well again to become alcohol free.

The upset drinking had on all the family was upsetting but the whole family was willing to understand and work with Nick to understand the causes and the underlying causes. Honesty was the best policy to deal with the underlying issues of ill health and the thought process, the entire family now talk openly about any concerns.

We had the pleasure of being there when mother and son reunited after some time apart due to alcoholism, Nick son expressed his fear of being let down and abandoned but was willing to try to reconnect with his mother.

Nick’s anxiety crept in whilst waiting to see her son, we were able to recognise the symptoms of anxiety and panic, We applied breathing techniques to get through the panic attack nick relaxed and the meeting was able to commence between mother and son. An amazing memory was captured on film and shared with the group to show that with hard work and determination life can consist of happiness.

Mother and adult son are now communicating and support each other with understanding and listening skills they also make time to talk and attend outings together and as a family. The two youngest children are happy and healthy and back in their own beds again everyone is communicating and enjoying life without alcohol and hallucinations.

What was learned

Honesty is the best policy because unhealthy coping strategies can have an effect on loved ones and can have a detrimental effect on one’s own health, the choice was to lose the alcohol or lose the children, the right choice was made and she gain control of her life by putting down the alcohol before it completely gained her entire family and her life. we were all able to understand that it was the alcohol that contributed to Nicks psychosis, began to drink alcohol because of depression as well as past trauma of domestic violence.

Nicks states that she will continue to leave the past behind and move forward to a better brighter future without alcohol she was glad to have someone to talk to who understood what she was going through. Nick welcomed change and was open to new ideas it was a positive outcome for all concerned what a great achievement and a great testimonial.


Nick wants to go on a family holiday with all the money she is now saving from not drinking and wishes to work in a charity shop due to her visual impairment. Nick will stay actively involved with the mom project support group raising awareness with the project and continue promoting good health and well-being.

we ask that you share the link provide may Nick’s journey inspire someone else after all “Everything is possible”

Alcohol-specific and alcohol-related deaths by condition

Alcoholic liver disease accounted for 80% of the 5,843 alcohol-specific deaths. A further 9% were from mental and behavioural disorders due to the use of alcohol.

A further 1,659 deaths were due to unspecified hepatitis and fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver. These deaths are not defined as alcohol-specific deaths

Statistics can be found on the NHS website


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  1. What a marvellous story this is about someone being helped to undo the damage from past trauma that created an unhealthy coping mechanism so she could live a free life with her family and function as a mother and build a future – what a courageous, determined woman who once provided with the support she needed could heal

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