I would just like to give this powerful testimony of the kindness and great acts of people on this earth today.
I went to the hospital for medical reasons today and they told me I was discharged and I started to have a breakdown because I did not feel safe.
This wonderful person my mentor Kerry from a wonderful organisation called Mind over Matter today. https://momproject.co.uk/ She has started to act as my mental health first aider and spoke to the nice bus driver lady who drives buses for Metrobus in Sussex and Surrey areas and my mental health first aider gave me the confidence to ask people for help and spoke to the bus lady driver to get me home on the bus safely. I’m so great full for the kindness and compassion and finally the generosity of people on this planet.
I’m not trying my best anymore, I’m actively moving forward and doing this now for my mental wellbeing and health.
Thanks and glory there is a caring god and wonderful people like Kerry.
#positivity on day one of my recovery to freedom. 

 Jason needed support and contact our services during what he described was a difficult time after just leaving the hospital unsupported he had 15 miles to his destination and had no funds only a bank card and no cash point machine nearby. Jason was so distressed and in a panic and his anxiety level were sky-high. I was able to talk and guide Jason to a point he was able to listen and take direction. We manage to calm and I was able to speak to the nearest person to assist with communication so we could get Jason home. I asked Jason put me on speakerphone so I could speak  to some who were waiting for the same bus who saw Jason I spoke to a lady’s called Clair and we worked together to talk to the bus driver to see if he or she would assist with a ride on the bus as Jason needed help and guidance, The female bus lady was fantastic, both ladies assisted me and we were able to help him together. Jason was struggling at the beginning of the call but soon calmed once he was receiving support through this difficult process. I stayed on the phone until he got to his destination 15 miles later the duration of the call was two hours Jason received information to assist with recovery. Jason had to get another bus and luckily a cashpoint near the bus top so Jason was able to manage the bus fare home. Jason has since written testimony to this day and our team are truly grateful for your feedback.

 Jason is now focusing on his future goals and understands we are just a call away. We thank Metrobus lady for assisting a vulnerable adult to safety and we thank Clair the Lady at the bus stop for her time and support.

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