I’m not going to pretend like I know what to do or know what to say to make the pain go away. I too suffer from society, the thing that brings on anxiety. It covers more than half the population, it sets us up for internal damnation. We cripple ourselves trying to be what we’re not but that right there needs to stop! We are who we are, every mark, every scar. So what if I don’t fit into the scheme of things and my personality has the trolls bursting at the seams. I wasn’t put on this earth to be what you want but to be what you need. So take that look of disgust and shove it right up your judgemental butt because I too am divine. I don’t need your approval I follow my own design. I march up the path to my own beat, I will not be disheartened because you called me a freak. I am who I am regardless of where you stand, be it by my side or behind my back with a knife plunged so deep that my ribs could crack. It doesn’t change the fact that to be here I must be blessed. I will no longer allow you to hold me back. I am my own person and that’s a fact. I will no longer let myself get off track because my future is bright. I just have to reach for the stars and open my eyes.

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