We are experienced in the mental health field and take mental health very seriously, we are asist trained (applied suicide intervention skills trained). we understand and recognise the complications surrounding Mental health.

Through our own experiences we have learned that there are underlying issues that can cause or affect mental health.

We offer one to one and group support and advice for those struggling and each person is assessed on an individual basis depending on their own personal needs and unhealthy coping methods although everyone follows the same remit, to recover, regain and rediscover.

Together we help break the cycle by learning new coping strategies and healthier thought process with the confidence to have focus and purpose to live a better and more positive life with mental health.

The M.O.M project also supports people having Communication problems with authorities like local Councils and Police, many people with mental health problems find it difficult to communicate or express their feeling within those disciplined arenas.

To date we work closely with authorities to make sure the persons suffering with mental health are not overlooked and we work closely with the local authorities to prevent instances of injustice occurring.

We help with rehabilitating people who may have a criminal record; we aim to assist them back into society by means of new skills leading to employment as well as addressing their mental health complication to break the cycle.

Our staff are all experienced personnel from a variety of professional backgrounds including DWP, Local Government, Probation & Prison service, Police Service, Life coach, Suicide First Aid and what we refer to as the Human Library