Educational Workshops Tackling Depression

We are doing all we can to help people overcome difficulties when dealing with depression. We are trained professionals and many of our volunteers have had a lived experience, they have prevented suicide and saved the lives of many because they are able to understand and recognise behaviour patterns and communicate effectively.
Providing educational workshops we are able to reach a wider community, these workshops have been successful so far and feedback has been brilliant.
Being a survivor of suicide herself Ms Mussington and her selective team are helping others all over the world with offline and online support. We understand how important it is to be supported whilst suffering from depression or feeling as if you’re in a crisis.  It’s a common factor that dealing with a diagnosis particularly “EUPD” Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder/ Borderline Personality Disorder BPD that many services are reluctant to deal with these diagnosis but, we are able to relate and assist to a better way of understanding and a better way of communication therefore, our success rate is based on individual testimonies, evidence-based case studies and years of research in the community including the homeless.
Ian Bently from Felixstowe manages East Suffolk Yoga, Ian produced a  State of Being Podcast and took the Life Long story of  Kerry Mussington the Founder of Mind Over Matter Project – Suicide Prevention. Click to listen to why the MOM project was formed and why the founder Ms Kerry Mussington gives so much of her time to help others.…/episode-26-kerry-mussington-advoca…

The MOM team have been helping many to recover, regain and rediscover.  Most of the people we have helped go on to help others after receiving mentoring and training. We are different, we are unique. We care and get to the point because, we understand that every 40 seconds someone dies of suicide.

M.O.M Project Allotment

The M.O.M Project has an Allotment where people can go to help alleviate some of the stresses holding them back.
At present, the Allotment is being completely renovated from scratch and is headed up by Anthony who, we assisted and supported with his homeless situation in 2016. Anthony now offers his skills and knowledge as a way of giving back for the help he received and as a way of a thank you. Anthony also shares his knowledge of how important it is to provide support to others within the community.  Anthony is now in the process of becoming a social entrepreneur has a vast knowledge of Horticulture and is putting his skills to good use, Anthony has so far educated the public on the effects of alcohol and recovery reaching over 200 people on our platform and is always keen to demonstrate his knowledge in Gardening Skills we are looking at future project alongside MOM.
There is plenty of room for many more like-minded people to join our project and give back to the local community.


Social and therapeutic horticulture improving physical and mental health, enabling others to communicate and meet new friends whilst focusing on the great outdoors and giving us a gentle reminder of how beautiful the world really is.